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Puerto Maldonado

PUERTO MALDONADO – The Door to Biodiversity

A few times viewed glow emanates from the city of Puerto Maldonado one morning. The sky of the jungle is not like any other, towers over a single territory in the world and predisposes the mind to the experience that awaits us. Puerto Maldonado is the eve of one of the richest and most breathtaking scenery on the planet, gateway to a different ecosystem, from this city we leave for three extraordinary reserves: the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Tambopata National Reserve and National Park Bahuaja Sonene.

In each, lovers of nature tourism will see their dreams come true. The diversity of fauna and flora that holds this part of Peru is one of the highest per square meter of land. Thousands of species of butterflies and birds, hundreds of species of mammals, a considerable number of endemic species, plus one of the forests in better conservation of the planet are roughly the highlights of this experience. You can also find immense and ancient trees, beautiful lakes , native communities and landscapes unique to the Tambopata River as colossal frame you just take your breath away.

If walking around the city is in Puerto Maldonado we have some good choices. In the main square we find the Mirador 42 meters high from where you can see the river Tambopata and Madre de Dios River. Very close to the airport is the butterfly Zoocriadero: The Japipi in it, thanks to a little tour is possible to know the most representative species of butterflies in the area.