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Puno and Titicaca Lake

PUNO & LAKE TITICACA – The Heart of the Andes

His amazing presence has marked the life of the Altiplano and its inhabitants. First stayed in the islands and shores, then provided them with food and finally became his protector, his father in his life. Browse Lake Titicaca, is found with an intact past that emerges from its dark waters full of legend.
The story of the birth of the Andean man has been deeply associated with the presence of Lake Titicaca. The deep blue waters of departure, according to the legend recorded by Garcilaso, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo with the mission of founding Tawantinsuyu. Centuries ago, Titicaca housed the Tiahuanaco culture ( 100-700 BC) , one of the most influential pre-Inca empires that extended their dominions by most of the Peruvian territory.

The Altiplano, this region of contrasts where the lake stretches retains innumerable attractions where history, geography and ancient customs blend with the amazing landscape of the highlands. This home chullpas Sillustani and Cutimbo, the amazing canyon Tinajani and Tarucani puja stands, the pink city of Lampa, and colonial churches of Juli and Pomata . And if this were not enough, the lake cradles a string of islands, such as Taquile, Amantani and Suasi Anapia whose residents develop successful community-based tourism ventures. A complete and unforgettable destination for all types of travelers.